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J Brand 12″ Pencil Wax Coated Jean $198 USD @ Revolve Clothing
Gap Stirrup Legging Jean – Coated Black Wash $69.50 USD @ The Gap

I love the look of these J Brand Coated jeans, but couldn’t quite justify the price tag on them. Thankfully, I found that Gap has made a pair of black coated jeans as well. Although I find that the shine that coated denim has isn’t as apparent on the Gap jeans, they still have a nice sheen that makes them stand apart from a normal pair of black jeans.


THE CALENDAR: For the housemate

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SNOA RUTAN Bathrobe $39.99 CN

Know someone who dreads the cold winter weather outside? Give them a comfy bathrobe to throw over their PJs and they won’t want to be leaving the comfort of the indoors any time soon. WARNING: Does not include hot cocoa and marshmallows.

Available at: Ikea

From December 1st to 24th I will be posting a great present idea to help you out during the busy all holiday season, and they will all be under $50.
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Blogging starts as this exciting endeavor; every pretty dress or fashionable person you see on the street makes you want to write a new post. Unfortunately this zeal doesn’t always last -sometimes it wanes and waxes, or sometimes your passion just fizzles out. Here’s my input on dealing with the stress of blogging – how often I hit the blog writing block, and what I do to get back into it.

1. How many hours a week do you spend blogging? Has that number changed since you started blogging?

Currently, i probably spend between 10-15 hours a week blogging. This includes researching topics and content for new posts, reading the blogs of others, and writing my blog posts. I try to keep my blogging schedule balanced so that I don’t get overwhelmed and it doesn’t conflict with my other responsibilities.

When I first started blogging, the time I would dedicate to it was definitely more sporadic, and I believe this lead to the failure of my first few blogs. Some days I would spend 5 or more hours sitting in front of the screen doing blogging-related activities. And then from that I would switch to not going near a blogging platform for weeks at a time.

2. There is always more you can do, write, read, comment on… how do you limit your time spent on these tasks?

Honestly, I’m not always the best at self-monitoring the time I spend on my computer. Thankfully other responsibilities in my life, like school and my job, make sure that I don’t devote every second of the day trying to do more in the blogosphere. My roommate is also pretty good at prying me away from the computer screen.

3. Have you experience Blogger Burnout yet? How have you dealt with that?

The majority of times that I faced blogger burnout in the past, I did not have the best way of dealing with it. I would normally just abandon the blogging project and never think about it again. Recently I dealt with an absence from this blog, but that was due to a family-related event, and it lead to a more general burnout in all areas of my life. However, in regards to my blog, I dealt with it this time was by looking at the deadlines and goals that I have set up(which I keep posted above my desk). I used these to motivate myself back into posting.

4. This time of the year is always a lot busier than any other time. Will your blogging change as a result?

I actually don’t think that I will be that busy during December, as my semester at school is now completely finished and my only other obligations are to my job and my friends. I think I will make use of this free time to attend more events and work on getting more content up on the blog. So this December hopefully will feature a lot of quality posts.

5. Could you foresee a moment in which you are not blogging anymore? How would you identify that it’s time to walk away?

I honestly can’t see myself not blogging in the future right now, I’m still young in the blogging world, and I see a lot of ways that I can improve my blog in the future. If I had to chose a time to walk away, it would probably be if I became very busy with other things in life, but I can’t see that happening in the next 5 or 10 years.

What do you think about all this blogger burnout? Has it ever affected you? How have you dealt with it? Please comment below!

THE CALENDAR: For the magpie

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Estate Jewelery Box - Ring $18 USD

Know someone that hoards all things shiny and sparkly? Well help them keep all of their jewelery organized in this cute jewelery box with ring print on the top.

Available at: Anthropologie


From December 1st to 24th I will be posting a great present idea to help you out during the busy all holiday season, and they will all be under $50.
Check back daily to see new ones!

THE CALENDAR: For the cold blooded

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Muk Luks Marled Low Slipper $24 USD

They say cold hands mean a warm heart, but cold feet just mean you’re feeling chilly. Keep someones toes all warm and cozy with the gift of these old-school slippers.

Available at: Urban Outfitters

From December 1st to 24th I will be posting a great present idea to help you out during the busy all holiday season, and they will all be under $50.
Check back daily to see new ones!

FEATURE: The Mustache Makes It

December 1, 2010 § 6 Comments

November is over and the time has come to shave off your ‘stash, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show you’re love for this classic facial hair all year long. These 10 clever products allow you to continue enjoying that notorious upper lip adornment even if you’ve removed yours (or you just can’t grow one).

1. The Original Mustache Love, on light grey – 6 oz stainless steel flask $18 USD @ Whimsy and Ink The print on this flask will put a ‘stash on your face while whatever you’re drinking will put hair on your chest.

2. Car Stash $40 USD @ You and your car can match, need I say more?

3. Fun Black Mustache Necklace $16 USD @ Goddess Of Jewelery Just pop this above your lip whenever you’re longing for a little upper lip love.

4. Hipster Mustache $8 USD @ Now everyone can have the quintessential hipster mustache they’ve been longing for! Does not include tall boy of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

5. Mood Mustaches $10 USD @ Switch up the colour to match your mood every day and let your mustache do the talking.

6. Original Identify A Stash – set of seven $7 USD @ How Nice A different one for every day of the week, groom your own ‘stash so you can match!

7. Toddland Curls For Girls Wallet $24 USD @ So when he’s paying for dinner, not only are you impressed by his good manners, but also his love of the well-groomed mustache.

8. Toddland Mustache Trunk $18 USD @ Confess your love of the ‘stash in a (slightly) more subtle way to your guy, maybe he’ll get the hint?

9. Mustache Bandages $7 USD @ Little known fact – mustaches have healing powers which have been harnessed into these bandages!

10. Mustache Mug $12 USD @ Multi-task by planning your daily ‘stash-style while enjoying a cup of joe each morning.

Or if you’ve just been loving you facial hair way to much to part with it this early, keep it looking groomed, clean and classic with Man’s Face Stuff Moustache Wax ($9 USD, in Gin and Tonic scent.

And don’t forget the true meaning on Movember, while mustaches are awesome in their own right, partnering them with a fundraiser to raise money for Prostate Cancer Research just adds to the cool factor. For more information on Movember in Canada, check out their official website: Movember Canada.

THE CALENDAR: For the booklover

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Newsprint Tassel Ornament $2 USD

Such a perfect for the book-lover or journalist in all of us! This ornament would make a great stocking stuffer or party bag item for your holiday parties.

Available at West Elm

From December 1st to 24th I will be posting a great present idea to help you out during the busy all holiday season, and they will all be under $50.
Check back daily to see new ones!

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